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Testimonial Video Guide for Vacation Rentals

It’s probably something you’ve seen before – a vacation rental website with video walkthroughs. It’s no secret that property walkthroughs are a great way to showcase your short-term rentals and, since they provide guests with so much information, they can help maximise bookings. But what if you added another way to entice them? A great testimonial video can bring more guests to your vacation rentals.   

Testimonial videos are an extra level of engagement that can help you capture your guests’ interest and encourage them to book with you. After all, hearing positive experiences straight from the mouths of former renters can be much more convincing than a simple property walkthrough. In this article, we will provide an elaborate testimonial video guide for vacation rentals that will boost your property bookings.

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Why do vacation rentals need to create a testimonial video?

It is always easy to trust written reviews, but testimonial videos from satisfied guests tend to be even more convincing. Potential guests can gain valuable insight into vacation rental properties and other people’s experiences with testimonial videos. 

Testimonial videos can be very valuable for several reasons:

Boost credibility

Potential guests gain a more authentic and personal impression when they watch a testimonial video. It is more compelling and trustworthy to hear and see a real person speak about their experience than to read a review written by a stranger.

Increased interest

Renters are more likely to be interested in rental properties that contain videos rather than just text or images. Testimonial videos can easily attract the attention of viewers and convert them into guests. 

Reliable social proof

Testimonial videos show that other guests have enjoyed the rental property, which increases its perceived value. While it is easy to read reviews online, seeing a real guest talk about the property is more convincing. Viewers can determine if the experience shared in the video is authentic or not. 

Establishing an emotional connection

By sharing their emotions and experiences in testimonial videos, guests can make a more emotional connection with the rental property. Seeing happy guests share their amazing experiences will encourage people to book and stay at your property.

As a whole, a testimonial video is a great way for owners of vacation rentals to build trust with their potential guests and increase bookings.

4 Elements of an effective testimonial video for vacation rentals 

It is important to keep in mind that testimonial videos are not all equal, even though they can be very impactful. Some videos will get your potential guests to click away in seconds, while others will capture their interest and sell your rental property immediately. How do you make an effective testimonial video in this case? 

Among the key elements of a successful testimonial video are:

1. Realistic and authentic

The presentation, length, and overall look of this video are all genuinely realistic and authentic. Unlike paid or scripted testimonials, this is a real testimonial from a satisfied guest. Perhaps the woman in the video is a mother who spent a long time looking for the perfect vacation rental for her family. Guests should be relatable, not just famous personalities or influencers paid to promote your property.

2. Compelling story

In addition to having a clear direction and consistent flow, the video tells a story that is easy to understand. With the help of visuals, music, and dialogue, the testimonial effectively engages viewers. There is an emotional element that people can relate to, enabling them to connect with it. For instance, the family reunion was difficult to organise because of the number of people and the age of guests but your vacation rental property perfectly accommodated them. 

3. Guaranteed positive experience

In contrast to the vague and generic features of your property, it explains how your place and staff have served the guests above and beyond. For example, aside from the expected services offered at your property, you also provide some freebies and perks that other vacation rental properties usually do not give.

4. Concise but persuasive

Testimonial videos aren’t always the best choice if you want to tell an elaborate story. Throughout your video, you should keep your viewers engaged. By keeping your testimonial concise, you will be able to get your message across clearly.

Ideally, you should keep your presentation between 2-3 minutes to reach your audience without losing their attention. You may need to remove some redundant and unnecessary parts of your video when editing it.

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How do you create an effective testimonial video for vacation rentals?

In addition to attracting new guests and increasing your bookings, testimonial videos are an excellent marketing tool. You get social proof that your property is worth visiting and that your guests had an enjoyable stay.

Making a vacation rental testimonial video is as easy as following these steps:

1. Choose your target audience

Knowing your target audience is essential before starting your video. What type of travellers are you targeting? Are they families, friends, couples, or solo travellers? It is important to know your audience so that you can tailor your video to their preferences and interests.

2. Select the right guests

Contact guests who have stayed on your property before and ask them to provide testimonials. Make sure you choose guests who are enthusiastic about your property and have had a positive experience. Ask one of your past guests if they would be willing to be featured in a customer testimonial video. To thank them for their time, you can give them a discount, a special offer, or some other incentive.

3. Create a script

Write a script that your guests will follow. The script must include questions that will assist them in highlighting your property’s strengths. 

  • How did you come across our vacation rental?
  • Why did you choose our vacation rental property?
  • What were your favourite amenities and features of our place?
  • Were you satisfied with the overall experience at our vacation rental?

4. Record the testimonial video

Make sure the camera you use is of high quality. It is essential to have good lighting and audio. If you have a smartphone with a high-quality camera and microphone, you can use that as well. 

It is also important to take your past guest’s convenience into account. If you conduct the interview remotely, you may ask them to log in to their device where the interview can take place.

5. Edit the testimonial video

This is one of the most important steps if you want an exceptional video to be your end product. Make the testimonial more engaging by editing the video. For a more visually appealing video, you can add music, photos, and captions.

6. Promote the video

Great marketing assets aren’t enough to get your business noticed. Make sure your message is reaching the right people. Use your website, social media channels, and booking platforms to promote the video. Videos can also be used as part of your email marketing campaigns. 

Bottom Line

You can increase the bookings of your vacation rentals and attract new guests by creating a high-quality testimonial video. By using the steps provided in this guide, you can produce an engaging video that demonstrates the best features of your property and provides social proof that guests have enjoyed their stay.

Hopefully this guide will help you create the best testimonial video to attract new guests for your vacation rentals. If you need any help with creating testimonial videos, our team at Convinceo can definitely help you out.

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