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Testimonial Video Guide for Tuition Centers

Companies of all sizes are using testimonial videos as a way to build trust and persuade customers and tuition centers shouldn’t be any different. Video testimonials should be an important part of a tuition center’s marketing strategy. This article is the complete testimonial video guide for tuition centers. It will cover reasons why you should create one, the complete process, and the most important tips you should follow.

tuition center tutorial

Why Should Tuition Centers Create a Testimonial Video?

1. Video testimonials are more relatable to other learners

Written reviews are important for tuition center but they can only be effective up to a certain point. Written testimonials or reviews can lack a more humane visual element which do not make it sound believable.

A video is the best way for your tuition center to present a learner’s testimonial since viewers get to see them actually talk about their positive experiences and results from your tutoring.

Seeing a parent share their story about how your center allowed their child to improve academically will sound a lot more relatable to those that are interested in your services.

2. They allow you to tell great stories about your tuition center

These stories can be about how someone’s child achieved success under the guidance of your tutors or how your tuition center won a parent over because of your teaching methods.

Whatever reason a parent or student has for enrolling, your center will always be the focal point of these stories.

3. They build trust and credibility to your tuition center

Word-of-mouth is a crucial tool and this is especially true for tuition centers. However, word-of-mouth can have an even stronger impact when incorporated in a great testimonial video.

A testimonial or review that is said through a video makes it more genuine and convincing for viewers. Tuition center customers like parents are more likely to believe other parents because they relate to them more than faceless companies.

You should use these testimonial videos to address any concerns or questions a parent may have about your tuition center. Being transparent in these videos will help you establish trust and credibility to your customers.

4. They help your tuition center obtain more learners

At the end of the day, testimonial videos should help you obtain more learners for your tuition center. These videos can do a great job of attracting more students to enrol in your center so that they can avail of your tutoring services.

These videos are highly effective in achieving these goals because of the previous reasons mentioned above. When they get to hear stories of parents and students and relate to them, they will be more likely to trust you and choose you.

The Testimonial Video Process for Tuition Centers

1. Pick out a student or a parent who has already given you positive feedback in the past.

The first thing to do is to choose and reach out to the right type of person for the testimonial video. In this case, your tuition center should choose parents or students that have already established a great relationship with their tutors.

The best guest for this video type should be someone who is willing to be in front of the camera and has a lot of positive experiences and success stories to share about your tuition center.

Choosing your featured student or parent should be based on who has already given you positive feedback in the past. Those are the people that are more likely to join your testimonial video since they have already talked about you positively before.

2. Provide them with a questionnaire to prepare them for the testimonial video shoot.

When you involve a guest in your video, you need to prepare them with a questionnaire that eases their mind and gives them an idea of what you want them to talk about.

Using a questionnaire allows them to go over what they want to share in front of the camera. This takes away any element of surprise or anxiety that they may have heading into the shoot.

Some sample questions for the video can include:

  • Why did you choose our tuition center?
  • How did the services and offerings of our center help your child’s academic performance?
  • What are the standout services, practices, or tutors that catch your attention?

Your guests should do their best to prepare how they will share their experiences in the video. However, they should not just simply memorise any answers because they need to deliver them naturally for the camera.

3. Plan everything that is needed for the testimonial video production.

Planning everything for the video production is the next step after briefing your featured guest. This means sorting out important elements like your video’s location.

Deciding a location immediately helps you sort out everything that you will need for the shoot. This means choosing what type of cameras, tripods, microphones, and lights work best for this specific area.

The planning stage should also cover how you want the narrative of the testimonial video to flow. This means using a general outline which lists major points as well as a storyboard that helps you visualise all the shots in the video.

4. Record the testimonial video for your tuition center.

Recording the testimonial video itself should be a comfortable experience for your featured guest. They should have a pleasant and enjoyable time so that the interview will be more natural.

The production should also remember to include someone to act as an interviewer. You will not need to mention or include them in the video but they play an important role in guiding the conversation.

The interviewer should use your questionnaire and be highly engaged so that he can ask relevant follow-up questions as well. It is important that you let the guest speak as much as they want and to avoid interrupting them.

A testimonial video recording should also include any b-roll footage that you can add to supplement your video’s visuals.

5. Edit the video and distribute it to the appropriate platforms.

Editing all of the footage is the next step once you wrap up filming. You will want to trim and edit down your testimonial video so that it can be around 1 to 3 minutes long. Trim any irrelevant or unnecessary information so that you can reach that desired range.

Editing is when you work on determining the most important content and how to present it. Remember to include the most valuable and relevant stories that your target customers should hear.

This is when editors include b-roll footage, add supplementary text, adjust the lighting, and decide what camera angles to use for each scene.

Video agencies that specialise in creating testimonial videos like Convinceo have their own video editors that can help you out.

You should distribute your final testimonial video to the platforms where your customers spend the most time.

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3 Tips Tuition Centers Should Use to Get the Best Testimonial Video

1. Present a problem that your tuition center have the solution to

Your testimonial video should have a strong impact so viewers can get hooked immediately. They are more likely to be engaged with what’s happening in the video if they are invested in how you solve each learner’s problems.

You can do this by starting out the testimonial video interview by letting your guest talk about the problems that their child faces in their studies. This can easily hook viewers until the end so they can find out the quality of your teaching and how much each student has improved.

When you focus on one main problem in the testimonial video, it gives you the opportunity to highlight what makes your tuition center stand out compared to what your competitors offer.

2. Demonstrate unique services and offerings

It is important that you get to emphasise and demonstrate what makes your tuition center more unique and effective than others in your testimonial video. Try to focus on one or two features so viewers can easily remember them even after they finish your video.

You can do this by making sure you emphasise certain words like “engaging, fun, enjoyable, inspiring” in the video’s edit. This can be by highlighting them whenever the guest mentions them in their interview.

3. End your testimonial video with a clear call-to-action prompt

Every testimonial video should do its job of urging viewers to perform a specific action with your business. In the case of your center, this means contacting and inquiring about you and eventually enrolling their child.

An effective call-to-action prompt is important because it reminds viewers of the next step they can take with your tuition center. It should give them simple and clear instructions so that they can work with you as quickly as possible.

Hopefully this guide will help you create the best testimonial video to attract new learners and parents to your center. If you need any help with creating testimonial videos, our team at Convinceo can definitely help you out.

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