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Testimonial Video Guide for SAAS Companies

Any type of business can greatly benefit from testimonial videos and SAAS companies are no different. For customers to get the message across about your software and how it can solve their problems, they need to hear it from somebody else first. This article is the complete testimonial video guide that all SAAS companies will need. It will cover reasons why you should create one, the complete process, and the most important tips you should follow.

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Why Should SAAS Companies Create a Testimonial Video?

1. They are more relatable to other customers

While written reviews that can be posted and seen online is great for a SAAS company, its effectiveness can only reach up to a certain point. Written reviews or testimonials lack a more humane visual element which can make it sound inauthentic.

A video is the best way for your SAAS company to present a customer’s testimonial since viewers have the chance to actually see them talk about their experience when using your software.

Seeing someone share their stories about the impact of your software is a lot more relatable to other potential customers.

A testimonial video can also be a lot more emotionally captivating because you get to see how happy people are when talking about how your SAAS company helped their own business.

2. They allow you to tell great stories about your SAAS company and your software

Customers of SAAS companies sound relatable in their testimonial videos because that is where they get the chance to share their stories. These stories are perfect for establishing their relationship with your company.

These stories can be about how your software saved a large amount of their business expenses, how it optimised and streamlined a company’s workflow, or how it provided solutions which elevated their revenue.

Whatever reason a customer had for availing your software, whether it’s to organise their system or to streamline how they communicate, your software will be front and centre in these stories.

3. They build trust and credibility to your SAAS company

Word-of-mouth is an important tool and this is especially true for software. However, incorporating it in a testimonial video elevates it and makes it more genuine and persuasive to viewers.

Customers are more likely to believe their fellow customers because it is much easier to relate to them rather than faceless companies.

Testimonial videos are great at addressing any questions or queries that customers may have about any features that your software has.

Customers, especially those that want to use your software, will highly appreciate it when they can have a good idea of what other customers think about when they use your software.

4. They help your SAAS company obtain more leads and conversions

Every testimonial video’s end goal is to obtain more leads and conversions for SAAS companies. In the case of your company, this means more customers and businesses who avail of your software as a service.

Testimonial videos are highly effective because of all of the previous reasons that were mentioned above.

Once customers get to know more about your software from other people who have had a positive experience with your SAAS company, they will be more likely to choose you over other competitors.

The Testimonial Video Process for SAAS Companies

1. Pick out a customer who has already given your software positive feedback in the past.

The first thing you need to do is to choose and reach out to the right customer. In this case, your SAAS company should choose customers that have already established a great relationship with you.

The best guest for this type of video should be someone who is willing to be in front of the camera and has a lot of positive stories and feedback to share about your software.

The process of your decision should be based on customers who have already given your software positive feedback in the past. They will be more inclined to join your testimonial video since they have already had the experience of giving positive feedback to your software in public.

2. Provide them with a questionnaire to prepare them for the testimonial video shoot.

You will need to prepare your customer for the testimonial video interview with a questionnaire. These questions give them an idea of the flow of the video and the topics that will be covered.

Using a questionnaire makes it easier for your guest to think about what they want to share in front of the camera. Answering questions on the spot can be difficult, especially for people that aren’t used to being in front of the camera.

Some sample questions for the testimonial video can include:

  • Why did you choose our software?
  • How did the features in our software help your company?
  • What were the standout features, services, or offers that caught your attention?

Your guests should do their best to prepare their answers for the video. However, they should not just simply memorise them because they should deliver their answers naturally in front of the camera.

3. Plan everything that is needed for the testimonial video production.

Once you finalise and prepare your guest, you should now start your own planning for everything needed in the testimonial video production. One of the top priorities during planning is figuring out where you want the video to take place.

Once you have your location sorted out, it will be easier to choose what equipment you can bring. This means choosing the best cameras, tripods, microphones, lights depending on where you are shooting.

Planning should also cover how you want your testimonial video to flow. A general outline that lists how the narrative will advance is crucial as well as a storyboard to act as a visual guide for your video.

4. Record the testimonial video with your featured customer.

Recording the testimonial video should be a pleasant experience for your featured guest. Making them comfortable will lead to a more natural and engaging interview.

The production will also need someone to act as an interviewer. However, you won’t need to mention or show them in the actual video. This person should use your questionnaire and be engaged in the conversation by adding relevant follow-up questions as well.

Let your guest talk as much as they want in the testimonial video since they are eager to talk positively about your SAAS company. Avoid any interruptions so that they can focus on what they’re saying.

Your testimonial video recording should also include any additional b-roll footage that you can incorporate during editing.

5. Edit the video and distribute it to the appropriate platforms.

When filming wraps up, all of the footage should be edited and broken down to a testimonial video that is around 1 to 3 minutes long. It is important to trim any unnecessary or irrelevant information that was said during recording.

Focus on including valuable and relevant statements that will bring the most value to your customers. Editing is when you work on how you present the information and the look of your video.

This is also when you incorporate b-roll footage, choosing what camera angles to use for specific scenes, adjusting the lighting, and adding additional text and animation for the content.

The final video should be distributed to the main platforms where your customers spend the most time.

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3 Tips SAAS Companies Should Use to Get the Best Testimonial Video

1. Present a problem that your software has the solution to

Your testimonial video should have a lot of impact emotionally so that you can hook viewers in. They will be more likely to be engaged with the story when they are emotionally invested in what’s happening.

One of the best ways to do this is by beginning the video with your guest talking about the problems their business faces. This hooks viewers until the end because they will want to see how your software solved this problem.

When you focus on one main pain point in the testimonial video, it gives you the chance to highlight what makes your software unique and more effective compared to what other SAAS companies offer.

2. Demonstrate unique features of your software

Similar to the previous tip, you would want to emphasise what makes your software unique in your testimonial video. While you may want to cover every single feature, focusing on a few makes it easier for viewers to remember what makes you stand out.

You can do this by making use of pull quotes so that you can emphasise certain words or phrases that your guest mentions in their testimonial. This allows you to highlight specific words you want your viewers to remember without being too intrusive.

3. End your testimonial video with a clear call-to-action prompt

Every testimonial video should end with pushing viewers to perform a specific action. In the case of your SAAS company, this means learning more about your software and eventually availing it.

Having an effective call-to-action prompt will remind viewers of what to do. It also gives them clear and simple instructions so that they can convert quickly and easily into customers.

Hopefully this guide will help you create the best testimonial video to attract new customers for your SAAS company. If you need any help with creating testimonial videos, our team at Convinceo can definitely help you out.

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