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Testimonial Video Guide for Hotels

Hotels can greatly benefit from a high-quality testimonial video. This video type, when done well, can help hotels achieve a lot of different business and marketing goals. Not only do you want your testimonial video to be entertaining and informative, but you also want it to be persuasive. This article is the complete testimonial video guide that all hotels will need. It will cover reasons why you should create one, the complete process, and the most important tips you should follow.

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Why Should Hotels Create a Testimonial Video?

1. They are more relatable to other guests

Written testimonials and reviews can be effective but only up to a certain point. Without a visual element, it can sound impersonal, dispassionate, and can even lack authenticity. A testimonial video is the real deal because you actually get to see guests talk about their hotel experience.

Seeing a guest in front of the camera share stories about how they had a great time in your hotel is a lot more relatable to other fellow potential guests. It can also be more emotionally captivating since you get to see how they smile while they passionately share their testimonial in the video.

2. They allow you to tell great stories about your hotels

Guests sound relatable in a testimonial video because they are able to tell memorable stories about their hotel visits. A testimonial video is the perfect platform for everyone to talk about unforgettable moments that have happened in your hotels.

Whatever reason they have for visiting your hotel, whether it’s a family vacation, company trip, or a celebration of an event like a wedding or party, your hotel will be front and centre. It gives viewers a vibrant and positive image of your hotel since they get to hear stories about how other guests loved their time with you.

3. They build trust and credibility to your hotels

While word-of-mouth can be an effective marketing tool, having it in a testimonial video elevates it and makes it more effective and convincing to viewers. Guests are more likely to believe other fellow guests because they can relate more to them than companies.

Testimonial videos are great for addressing any concerns or questions that hesitant guests may have. Customers, especially those that want to book hotels, will appreciate it when they can know all about how a hotel treated former guests.

4. They help your hotels obtain more leads and conversions

Ultimately, testimonial videos will be able to achieve your end goal of getting more bookings.

Once potential guests get to know more about your hotels from other fellow guests who have had a positive experience, they will be more likely to trust you and eventually choose you above your competitors.

The Testimonial Video Process for Hotels

1. Choose a guest who has already given your hotel positive feedback in the past.

The first step you need to take when creating your testimonial video is to choose and reach out to the right customer. In this case, you should choose guests that you already have a great relationship with.

The best guest for a testimonial video is someone who is willing to be in front of the camera and has a lot of positive experiences to share about your hotels. You can decide who to choose based on all of the guests who have given you positive feedback in the past.

These people are more likely to be a part of your video since they have already shared how much they loved your hotels before.

2. Provide them with a questionnaire to prepare them for the testimonial video shoot.

Once you have chosen which guest to feature, you should provide them with a set of questions so that they feel prepared for the testimonial video shoot. This gives them time to think about all of the things they would like to say.

Asking questions on the spot may fluster and surprise the guest and make the whole interview process confusing for everyone.

Some sample questions can include:

  • Why did you choose our hotel?
  • How did our hotel services help you?
  • What were the standout amenities or services that caught your attention?

It is important for the guests to prepare their answers. However, they should make sure that they deliver them in an authentic manner.

3. Plan everything that is needed for the testimonial video production.

Finalising the guest means that you should now start to begin the planning for your testimonial video production. One of the first things to think about while planning is the location of your video.

You should start with the location so you will know what type of equipment can be used based on where you will film. This means choosing the right cameras, microphones, tripods, lights, etc.

This planning stage should also include coming up with a general flow and outline to how you want your testimonial video to go. You can even create a storyboard to visualise when you want b-roll footage and when you want to focus on the guest.

4. Record the testimonial video with your featured guest.

Now is the time for you to record your testimonial video. During the shoot itself, it is important that you make the guest feel comfortable for a better interview. Make sure you get to match their energy and mood throughout the day.

You will also need someone to play the part of an interviewer even if they aren’t shown or mentioned in the video itself. The interviewer should be engaged and active all throughout.

Let your guest elaborate about their experiences and let them talk as much as they want. You should avoid interrupting them since they may lose their train of thought.

It is much better to have a lot of usable footage since you can trim it down during editing. You should also film b-roll footage to add variety to the visuals of your video.

5. Edit the video and distribute it to the appropriate platforms.

Once filming is concluded, you should edit the footage to create a video that is 1 to 3 minutes long. This is when you can trim the interview to remove any unnecessary or repetitive information.

It is important that you include all of the quotes that add the most value for your viewers. This stage is when you work on the overall presentation and flow of the video which you planned at the start.

Editing includes incorporating b-roll footage, choosing the best camera angles from the shoot, adjusting the lighting, and adding text to supplement the video’s content.

The final video should be distributed to the appropriate platforms. This can be on video platforms or social media platforms where your target audience spends the most time.

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3 Tips Hotels Should Use to Get the Best Testimonial Video

1. Present an experience that only your hotels can provide

An emotional story is vital for the success of your testimonial video. Viewers become more engaged with your content when they are invested emotionally.

Showcasing your best services at the beginning of the video will give viewers a reason to watch all the way through to see what unique experience your hotel can provide to their guests.

When you highlight a unique service, it gives you the chance to showcase what makes your hotel special and different from your competitors.

2. Demonstrate unique features and services of your hotels

When it comes to your testimonial video, it is important that you highlight specific services first. While you may want to cover everything, you should make it easy for viewers to know about your stand-out amenities like restaurants, bars, spas, pools etc.

You can do this by using pull quotes for the video and have accompanying text that is emphasised while your featured guest is sharing their experience. This allows you to emphasise something specific without interrupting anything to draw attention to it.

3. End your testimonial video with a clear call-to-action prompt

You want to have your testimonial video to urge viewers to perform a specific action which is to book a stay in your hotels. Having an effective call-to-action prompt in your videos will help you convert viewers into guests.

You can have a lot of options for your call-to-action placements in the video. You can place them right after you highlight your noteworthy amenities or even at the end of the testimonial video.

Hopefully this guide will help you create the best testimonial videos to attract new hotel guests. If you need any help with creating testimonial videos, our team at Convinceo can definitely help you out.

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