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Testimonial Video Guide for Marketing Agencies

Testimonial videos have rapidly become one of the most effective ways to gain word-of-mouth and peer endorsements. Generally, clients trust their fellow clients. The opinions of other clients are far more important than your own or your employees’ vouching for your projects. As social proof, you can add clients’ reviews and photos through a testimonial video to generate more leads for marketing agencies. 

By leveraging the power of authentic client stories through a testimonial video, marketing agencies can quickly build credibility and trust. Potential clients can learn a great deal about your projects through testimonial videos.

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Why do marketing agencies need a testimonial video?

You can create a testimonial video by featuring existing or former clients sharing their first-hand experiences and endorsements of your marketing agencies. You can build a connection between a potential client and a real person through a testimonial video.

Increasingly, B2B organisations are creating video content to communicate with prospects and promote their advertisements or campaigns. The majority of B2B businesses choose video as their primary content medium.

In a B2B video marketing campaign, testimonial videos are crucial. Prospects connect with them in a way that case studies cannot. An existing client endorses the marketing agency in a testimonial video that shows how the service offered is applied to real-life situations. 

It’s even better because testimonial videos are recorded with the actual voice of the client. Among the key characteristics that set this type of marketing asset apart from others are its versatility. Getting real-world feedback from clients who have already worked with your team can be a valuable source of information about your projects.

4 Elements of a good testimonial video

Even though testimonial videos can be impactful, not all of them are created equal. Videos can be effective in capturing your audience and selling your service immediately, but others will likely get them to click away in just a few seconds. In this case, what makes a good testimonial video? High-performing testimonial videos include the following elements:

1. Has a strong sense of authenticity

This video is genuinely authentic in every way – its presentation, length, even the overall look. There is no indication that the testimonial is paid or scripted; it is a genuine testimonial from a satisfied client. The person in the video may be a typical business owner experiencing struggles every day. It’s important that the client is relatable and not just a typical influencer or famous personality paid to be the face of your agency. 

2. Engaging Story

With its clear direction and consistent flow of events, the video tells an easily readable story. By combining visuals, music and dialogue, the video is able to successfully draw the viewer in and create a truly engaging experience. There is an emotional factor for people to relate to, so they can connect with it. For instance, the company was already on the brink of giving up on their business because of marketing problems. 

3. Proven benefits or results

The results and benefits are tailored to the client. In contrast to vague and generic comments about your agency’s projects and campaigns, it explains how it has served a specific client. For example, upon experiencing the effective marketing strategy of your agency, businesses tripled their income and established their online presence without any effort on their part.

4. Be concise and compelling

When it comes to testimonial videos, telling an elaborate story isn’t always the best option. Your goal should be to keep your viewers engaged throughout the video. Making short, compelling videos that convey your message in a concise manner means keeping shorter attention spans in mind.

It is ideal to keep your presentation between 2-3 minutes to ensure that you reach your audience without losing their attention. Editing your video may require you to remove some redundant and unnecessary parts. Sharing a video alongside a longer case study will allow you to better explain the client’s experience if people are interested.

Marketing agency’s testimonial video structure

There are three parts to testimonial videos. In order to make an effective testimonial video, marketing agencies should guide their client to:

1. Describe the issue.

Let the client share what the underlying problem is. By explaining the issue thoroughly, potential clients who have the same business marketing concerns will be motivated to watch the testimonial video until the end.

2. Feature the product as the solution.

After laying out the issues, emphasise how your service was able to resolve the marketing problem and give the client a positive experience.

3. Share the results.

End the video by highlighting the amazing impact that your marketing agency has had on the client. 

With these three steps, you’ll have an engaging, concise testimonial video.

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How can marketing agencies create an effective testimonial video?

You don’t need to be a video expert to create effective testimonials. Your prospective client will love your testimonial videos if you use the right tools. Here are four steps to ensure that your testimonial videos deliver the most value.

1. Choose the right client

Consider the testimonial’s goals when choosing your client. In what way do you want to use the testimonial? What are your goals for your company? Testimonial videos usually demonstrate different product uses. Consider clients who use your service in many different ways. You need people to feature in your testimonial video for it to succeed. Your video will succeed with the right foundation.

2. Plan the shoot

Client testimonials should be in their own words, but you shouldn’t let them create them. Understand how your client uses your product. Preparing the right questions can help you get the best shots.

The testimonial should include the following questions:

  • Can you tell me about your working experience with our agency?
  • What were the challenges you faced before working with us?
  • What were the challenges you overcame with the help of our agency?
  • Were you satisfied with the results you achieved after working with our agency?

The last question is critical, as it could nudge other prospects to consider your marketing agency instead of your competitors. The client’s answers should be highlighted, even if they aren’t included in the testimonial itself. 

You should also need to consider the convenience of your client. With remote testimonial video, you may ask them to log in to their device where you can conduct the compelling interview online.

3. Film and edit your testimonial

The camera is about to roll now that the preparations are complete. A high-quality video is your end product, so this is one of the most important steps. It’s important to make your testimonial appealing.

4. Promote your testimonial video

Sharing your high-quality testimonial video is the next step. Creating amazing marketing assets isn’t enough. Make sure it reaches the right prospects. Send the testimonial directly to your prospects, and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Bottom Line

Marketing agencies need to make the most out of a testimonial video as an effective marketing asset. Sales funnels allow marketers to engage prospects at the middle or bottom of the funnel. Your business can gain conversions and sales with testimonial videos. Your clients’ success in using your service is amplified when you publish them on your website and share them on social media.

Hopefully this guide will help you create the best testimonial video to attract new clients for your marketing agencies. If you need any help with creating testimonial videos, our team at Convinceo can definitely help you out.

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