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10 Best Video Testimonial Examples (& Why They Work)

Video testimonials have become such a crucial part of the video marketing process as they can bring huge benefits both to your audience and even to your business. However, it can be difficult for your video testimonials to stand out if you aren’t aware of what makes them successful. Take a look at 10 of the best video testimonial examples and see what made them work so well.

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10 Best Video Testimonial Examples

1. Samsung

This video testimonial by Samsung Display Solutions features Superdry Norway. Samsung Display Solutions deals with the LEDs, video walls, and smart signages that Samsung provides for businesses.

Superdry Norway talks about how their customers’ in-store experience is elevated through the Samsung displays in their different stores. However, the focus of the video isn’t really on the screens but on the positive results that Superdry has had.

What makes this one of the most convincing video testimonial examples is that it contains information from both Superdry and Samsung. Superdry shares their positive experiences and Samsung reaffirms the viewer of their best features to end the video.

2. Databricks

Databricks is a software company and their video testimonial features one of their high profile clients, Showtime. Showtime is a premium cable network in America and they get to share their Databricks experience in this video.

The video immediately starts with the brand’s animated logo and goes straight into the testimonial with Showtime’s Senior Vice President of Data Strategy and Consumer Analytics.

He goes in-depth about how Databricks’ features in their software has made their work a lot more efficient. Databricks has helped them shorten a process that usually took 24 hours to around 4 hours.

This is one of the best video testimonial examples that brings up important data to strengthen the credibility of the testimonial.

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3. UiPath

UiPath’s testimonial video features Pandora, one of the largest music discovery platforms in the United States.

Pandora’s Director of Program and Project Management starts by talking about their company’s focus areas. One of these is bringing about operational efficiencies across the organisation.

He shares how UiPath helps them automate manual tasks which makes their organisation a lot more efficient. This is a great video testimonial because it features a high-ranking person in the company which adds a lot of credibility to the testimonial.

4. Google Ads

This is one of the best video testimonial examples that features a small business. Google Ads features BillyOh which sells a variety of garden sheds and furniture online.

What makes this a great video testimonial example is that the focus is all on the client. There is no mention of Google Ads at the beginning because it gives way to the CEO of BillyOh.

He talks about the story and the goals their brand wants to achieve which is a natural segue to how they have greatly benefitted from Google Ads. They mention that BillyOh was able to have a 500% increase in their web traffic and 50% increase in their sales.

Including actual statistics will make your video testimonial sound a lot more convincing.

5. American Express

American Express created one of the most unique video testimonial examples. They were able to combine a testimonial video and an explainer video into one seamless and connected video.

It starts out by explaining how the system of American Express with Tradeshift works and the latter part of the video focuses on the testimonial of the clients.

Their SVP of accounting talks about what makes the system so great in simple terms so that all types of viewers can easily understand. They also share how much it has made their business more successful and efficient.

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6. magicJack

magicJack, an internet-based telephone service provider available in the United States and Canada, created one of the most unique video testimonial examples.

Their video features Barry who is one of the most eccentric customers that you will see in a video testimonial. He gets to talk about what he likes about using magicJack while b-roll footage of his house and unique hobbies are shown in the video.

This is one of the best video testimonial examples if you want to stand out and feature a unique customer story. This will not only make it a more interesting watch but it will also show that your company cares about all types of customers.

7. TutorMing

TutorMing is an online learning platform that educates users on learning and speaking Chinese. This is one of the most engaging video testimonial examples because it includes a personal story.

Andrew, the person featured in the video, shares about his experience in China in a cheerful and lively manner along with his experience using TutorMing to learn Chinese.

He talks about all the services and features on the platform. The video even gives a look at how the classes actually look like for a student. This video testimonial gives viewers an overview of how the platform works and how it can benefit their learning.

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8. Slack

Slack’s video testimonial features T-Mobile, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States. T-Mobile’s Senior Technical Product Manager shares the company’s experience with using Slack during the pandemic.

He talks about how Slack’s features caused very little disruption in terms of how they worked even during the height of the lockdowns. He even says that Slack is basically the new HQ for T-Mobile.

This video testimonial is a classic way of letting real clients share how one company has been a huge help in helping them achieve success.

9. Zoom

While Zoom has mainly risen to prominence due to the pandemic in 2020, this video testimonial shows that they already had high-profile clients before that. This 2018 video features 21st Century Fox and their top executives.

All of these executives share their positive experiences with using Zoom. They have also shared that Zoom has played a significant role in the production process of their well-known franchises like Deadpool, X-Men, and Planet of the Apes.

This is one of the best video testimonial examples that feature high-profile clients that are known worldwide. If you are able to work with one of these clients, you should not hesitate to create a video testimonial to showcase them.

10. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an accounting software that is primarily catered for small and medium-sized businesses. It is no surprise that they featured a client who runs her own small business.

She starts by sharing how she approached accounting before FreshBooks which had a lot of complications that were difficult for her. After that, she talks about her positive experience when using FreshBooks.

The way she delivered her testimonial was enthusiastic especially when talking about how much FreshBooks has helped her with her business. This is one of the best video testimonial examples for companies that feature the actual customers that they are targeting.

Hopefully all of these 10 high-quality video testimonial examples will inspire you to create your own video for your business.

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